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Charter 97

Charter 97 is a non-profit organization that operates Belarussian pro-human rights news website, which takes its inspiration from declaration calling for democracy in Belarus. The document – the title of which deliberately echoes the Czechoslovak human rights declaration Charter 77 20 years earlier – was created on the anniversary of a referendum held in 1996, and which, in the words of the organization of the same name, declares: “devotion to the principles of independence, freedom and democracy, respect to the human rights, solidarity with everybody, who stands for elimination of dictatorial regime and restoration of democracy in Belarus”.

Charter`97 Foundation (Charter`97) is working on promoting democracy, liberal values and human rights in Belarus by providing independent information to the users and advocating freedom of speech. The site`s editor-in-chief, Natalla Radzina, received the 2011 International Press Freedom Award, “an annual recognition of courageous journalism”, for her work.

As part of its mission to strengthen democratic values and institutions in countries in political transition, including activities which promote the individual rights and freedoms, Cooperation for Democracy Foundation is committed to protecting freedom of speech, independence of media and the ability of journalists to do their work.

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European Belarus

European Belarus Foundation is a non-profit organization that works on supporting democracy and liberal values in Belarus by promoting and advocating respect for human rights and basic freedoms.

It leads international awareness campaigns on the situation in Belarus by participation in major international events, providing policy recommendations to international centers, support of international efforts to assist democracy in Belarus. 

It also supports civil activism in Belarus, provides assistance to the repressed activists in Belarus, organizes social and cultural events and assists different civil initiatives.

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Masha Fund

Masha Fund is a public Ukrainian organization created to help women who have suffered from various forms of violence.

It strives to help with the restoration of psychological resources, retraining and formation of new professional skills, provision of basic material needs, socialization and support of adolescent girls. It also promotes education among women for the sake of forming a happy Ukrainian woman.

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International cultural and educational project aims to promote the ideas of the European democracy for the Ukrainian society, and focuses on reflection and understanding of the processes taking place in the country. They are doing it by:

• Creation of a real and virtual platform for constructive dialogue of different segments of
Ukrainian society, educational and discussion platform;


• Formation of a wide range of experts (Ukrainian and international) to discuss the problems and tasks of society in the period of transformation in online and offline formats;

• Conducting lectures, interviews, conferences, meetings in online and offline format, which corresponds to reality and coincides with the objectives of the project;

• Cooperation with humanitarian, social, educational, cultural, political circles and initiatives, the activities of which coincide with the ideas and goals of the project;

• Organization of joint events, discussions, round tables, conferences with the foundation (donors), promoting liberal and democratic values ​​through the prism of history, education, economics, science, law and culture.

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Ortodoksų Bažnyčia Lietuvoje

The Exarchate of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Lithuania is a religious association of Orthodox Christians in Lithuania, part of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. It is recognized by the state as a representative of one of the nine traditional religions of Lithuania.

The informal community leading the Exarchate was created in 2022, when, after the large-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, some priests of the Vilnius-Lithuanian diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church began to criticize the position of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, who not only justified the war in Ukraine, but also gave it religious support ideological basis. Five priests were expelled from the priesthood for criticizing him.

In February 2023, the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople declared that the priests had been expelled due to their opposition to the war, and reinstated them to priestly ministry.

In January 2024, the appointed Exarch of Lithuania arrived in the country, and the religious association was registered in accordance with Lithuanian law. Also in January 2024, clergy of the Exarchate were awarded the US State Department Religious Freedom Award for their work against the use of religion for political purposes.

Now the Association of the Exarchate of Lithuania consists of ten religious communities in different cities of Lithuania. The Exarchate is currently planning to build its first church in Lithuania since the 17th century.

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